67% of Europeans aren't happy with their jobs and they would choose a different path if they could go back in time. But when they made their choice, they were just clueless teenagers.

While teenagers are not thinking of their career yet, they focus their attention on their passions, whether it's gaming, fashion, sports or music. And today, they use their devices as a lens to see the world.

What if we tapped into this curiosity to open their eyes to the possibilities of their future?

all-in-all is a playful platform to help the youth discover the possibilities of their future. You just scan your passion, and through augmented reality and deep learning, discover all the jobs behind the things you love.

This Linkedin project aims to educate teens about the job market, and helps them set ambitious and realistic goals.

How do we create awareness for all-in-all?

Graduation project
Role: Brief, Strategy, Concept, Art Direction & UX
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