When it comes to reading, nobody wants the story to be spoiled. Except for a specific group of people, every year, at the same time: students. Teachers give them an endless list of books to read to prepare for their final exam. These students tend to rely on factual summaries of the books online, which makes them miss basic knowledge and deeper themes.

How can we give these students a desire to read books and see the richness of these stories?

Aparté turns social media into a stage for the main characters of classic stories, showing the youth how amazing and current literature can be. Coming to life on blogs, social media, the real world, as well as a mobile app, these characters give the youth the desire to read by adopting their slang and language, critiquing real events of our time, and sharing with them the same stories from a new perspective.

Individual project
Role: Concept, Logotype & illustrations
© Jeanne Harignordoquy - all right reserved - January 2018