Have you ever thought about your files that go into the “cloud”? Everything we do online has a real world impact on the environment. Our emails, photos and videos are all stored on servers that constantly use energy, which leave a physical carbon footprint.

To raise awareness about this growing problem, we created a low-energy website that showed the impact of our digital habits, and what we can do to start making change together. Explore the sitehere︎.

Anyways Creative self-iniative project 
Creative team ︎︎︎ Claire Campion, Callum Green and me
Creative technologist ︎︎︎ Dan Powell
Illustrator ︎︎︎ Jose Flores
Research Advisor ︎︎︎ Mike Hazas

We designed the website to be as low-energy as possible. Every creative decision was considered, resulting in a 36kb site that emitted only 0.02g C02 per view, compared to 1.76g  for the average webpage.

All our learnings around designing and building a greener website can be found on this dynamic spreadsheet︎.