World Wind Radio is a sound installation that harnesses nature’s strongest force to communicate the importance of cultural flow carried and made by people. Cultural exchange makes the world a more beautiful, less divided place for everyone.

Taking the appearance of a wind sock, the installation plays a radio station from different parts of the world depending on the speed and direction of the wind.

It has received invitations to be showcased in Berlin (DE), Arduino Day 2023 (online),  Currents New Media Festival in Santa Fe (US), Savvaļa Art Park (LV), and Tartu European Capital 2024 (EE).

Concept, Programming, Production ︎︎︎ me
Photos ︎︎︎ Epp Kubu, Nima Sarabi

Made during the Interactive Berlin Program at the School Of Machine, Making, and Make-Believe.

This artwork is co-funded by the Wild Bits technological art exhibition at Maajaam (Estonia) as part of the main programme of European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024.